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Dear PVHS Students, Parents, and Community:

It is with great pride that I welcome our Pierson Vocational Community to an exciting 17-18 school year. At  PVHS  students will have opportunities to explore their potential and achieve high levels of academic success. Throughout the use of flexible scheduling and a rigorous on-line curriculum PVHS students will have the ability to progress with their academic goals at a differentiated pace. Edgenuity is a top-rated on-line curriculum, that has yielded great success for our students. With the addition of this outstanding on-line curriculum students will have access to a wide array of resources, however, we will continue to have a highly qualified teacher in every classroom. PVHS is fully staffed with highly qualified teachers in every content, providing students with the highest quality education!

Moreover PVHS offers students the opportunity to attain a High School diploma in a small school setting, with a warm welcoming family environment. Our historic campus which offers the community beautiful fields and courts, will also offer students the availability of a variety of afterschool clubs and activities. Our proud Home of the Wolves will offer students in our community “Excellence in Alternative Education”.  

Berenice Rodriguez,

Thank you!

PVHS Headlines

PVHS Integrated Action Plan 17-18

PRINCIPLE 1 - Effective Leadership

Need Statement:

As PVHS leaders we recognize the need to maintain strong professional ethics and integrity to shape a vision of academic success for all students. Analyze and attack challenges and manage systems to position the school and students to achieve at high levels.  Together we will set clear, measurable and attainable goals. Furthermore, we will create a cadre of high-quality teachers and cultivate leadership in others.

Strategy- Professional Development

Target to improve instructional leadership, knowledge and skills, through the use of research-based strategies and best practices

PRINCIPLE 2 - Effective Teachers and I

 Need Statement:

In order to meet the academic goals of having all students be college-and-career ready by their graduation from high school, PVHS, as reflected in its CNA, accepts the need          to ensure effective instruction occurs with quality teaching in a student-centered, safe environment by having a teaching staff that is appropriately certified, continuously trained through impactful, on-going professional development, and through both formal and informal evaluations. All teachers will use data to track student progress, identify struggling students, work collaboratively within their own site and with District leadership, and will have a solid understanding of content standards and curricula.

Strategy- Mentoring

Title I mentors assist in the development of new teachers. Mentors work with teachers and those in improvement to provide strategies for all aspects of effective teaching.

PRINCIPLE 3 – Effective

 Need Statement:

PVHS understands the requirement for effective schools to organize their time to support the vision of academic success for all students. Students have appropriate instructional and non-instructional time to support their learning and growth. Teachers need to have sufficient time to engage in professional learning, collaboration, and planning to support their students and their professional practice

 Strategy- Professional learning, planning and collaboration

Our school year/calendar is organized to maximize instruction. By doing so we ensure sufficient time for non-instructional activities, structured professional learning, time for planning and collaboration. Site administrator and teachers will collaborate on such activities as to design curriculum, evaluation, using data to make instructional decisions, and other topics all share in common in order to develop efficient, non-repetitive strategies, thus saving time and effort.

PRINCIPLE 4 - Effective Curriculum

Need Statement

While Pierson Vocational High School is dedicated to the use of effective curricula that are evidence-based resources used for teaching and learning aligned to Arizona standards in all content areas, there is always a need to modify and adjust as data results become available. An effective curriculum ensures a continuum of inclusive, equitable and challenging learning opportunities, high expectations for learning and access to a well- rounded education for all learners.

Strategy- Curriculum Mapping

Pierson Vocational High School will work collaboratively with all grade-level/subject area personnel to develop curriculum alignments. PVHS will send representatives to district curriculum mapping/alignment workshops

PRINCIPLE 5 - Conditions, Climate, and Culture

 Need Statement:

PVHS is committed to establishing a positive and welcoming culture and inclusive climate at the school level which includes multi-languages, academic and cultural diversity. PVHS accepts the need to continuously pursue a conditions that create a safe environment and tolerance for all. Student and teacher safety is the priority. Positive relationship between teacher, student and parent are a hallmark of PVHS, but there is room for increased collaboration and parent/family/community participation. While PVHS follows the District policy on establishing a drug free zone and enforcing strict behavior protocols, the need to reinforce positive behaviors is a daily requirement

Strategy- Safe and Positive Environment

Weekly PLC meetings to review the conditions necessary to build and practice positive climate. Safety meetings and drills will ensure a safe environment, while the implementation of the kindness campus will foster a bully free environment.

 Please let us know if you have any questions or comments
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